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02/09/2019 - SCC and CVB District Wrestling Results

Southeast Community College               Lincoln Convention and Visitors Bureau     

A-1 at Lincoln High

Team Scores: Millard South 248-14, Norfolk 149-10, Bellevue East 115-6, Elkhorn South 110-9, Millard North 94-5, Lincoln High 89½-6, Lincoln North Star 56-4, Omaha Northwest 36½-2.

106--1. Caleb Coyle, Millard South, won by UTB over Gabe Grice, Bellevue East, 4-4; 3. Roy Ashburn, Omaha Northwest, pinned Samuel Webster, Elkhorn South, 1:50.

113--1. Garrett Grice, Bellevue East, dec. Blake Jackson, Millard South, 12-5; 3. Daniel Walters, Elkhorn South, pinned Ethan Hallett, Lincoln North Star, 1:30.

120--1. Solomon Allerheiligen, Millard North, won by major dec. over Plat Plot Soe, Lincoln High, 14-5; 3. Weston Godfrey, Norfolk, pinned Jeremy McKee, Millard South, 3:27.

126--1. Conor Knopick, Millard South, dec. Daniel DeRosier, Bellevue East, 11-5; 3. Aaron Dittmer, Norfolk, dec. Daniel Schuman, Elkhorn South, 4-3.

132--1. Antrell Taylor, Millard South, won by tech. fall over Caelan Hester, Bellevue East, 3:28 18-2; 3. Maxwell Patton, Millard North, dec. Kaleb VanDriel, Norfolk, 8-2.

138--1. Tyler Antoniak, Millard South, dec. Peyton Meink, Millard North, 7-2; 3. Jackson Okereke, Lincoln High, dec. Grant Kingston, Elkhorn South, 7-4.

145--1. Blake Smith, Millard South, pinned Kaw Doh Htoo, Omaha Northwest, 5:48; 3. Guillermo Espinoza, Millard North, dec. Ayden Welch, Elkhorn South, 4-2.

152--1. Joshua Licking, Norfolk, won by major dec. over Alex Vacha, Millard South, 9-0; 3. Andrew Eisenbrown, Elkhorn South, pinned Quinn Thew, Lincoln High, 3:27.

160--1. Liam Kirk, Elkhorn South, dec. Brayden Splater, Norfolk, 10-7; 3. Sheldon Isom, Lincoln North Star, dec. Alex White, Millard South, 5-2.

170--1. Isaiah Alford, Lincoln High, pinned Krew Tran, Millard South, :38; 3. Blake Forsythe, Norfolk, won by major dec. over Henry Thomsen, Elkhorn South, 8-0.

182--1. Isaac Trumble, Millard South, won by med. fft. over Creighton Blain, Norfolk; 3. Jack Paradis, Elkhorn South, pinned George Atkins, Lincoln High, 1:24.

195--1. Easton Waller, Lincoln North Star, pinned Josh Trumble, Millard South, 1:24; 3. Michael Palmquist, Bellevue East, pinned Laikon Ames, Norfolk, :49.

220--1. Gavin Peitzmeier Millard South, pinned Lane Reuter, Norfolk, 4:11; 3. Drake Krogh, Lincoln High, pinned Eric Jensen, Lincoln North Star, 2:54.

285--1. Conner Cowling, Norfolk, pinned Preston Welch, Bellevue East, 1:50; 3. Jace Shiney, Millard North, pinned Chris Wortman, Millard South, 2:29.


Omaha Burke 224½-11, Omaha Central 160-9, Papillion-LV South 153-11, Creighton Prep 128½-10, Lincoln Southeast 95½-6, South Sioux City 93-5, Omaha North 40-2, Omaha Benson 22-2.

106--1. Nathan Rubino, Omaha Burke, pinned Francisco Becerra, Creighton Prep, 1:45; 3. Arian Alai, Omaha Central, pinned Parker Schendt, Papillion-LV South, 1:43.

113--1. Emilio Haynes, Omaha Central, pinned Quentin Donald, Omaha Benson, :34; 3. Ethan Batterton, Lincoln Southeast, pinned Nate Sanchez, Creighton Prep, 1:49.

120--1. Jakason Burks, Omaha Burke, won by tech. fall over Peyton Martinez, South Sioux City, 20-5, 4:15; 3. Devon Mahone, Omaha North, pinned Stone Sindelar, Papillion-LV South, 1:26.

126--1. Andrew Murray, Papillion-LV South, won by major dec. over Taye Hill, Lincoln Southeast, 15-5; 3. John Moulton, Creighton Prep won by major dec. over Jayden Looney, Omaha Burke, 9-0.

132--1. Jeromy Nielsen, Omaha Burke, pinned Axel Hernandez, South Sioux City, 1:21; 3. Christopher Kueny, Omaha Central, dec. John Enzolera, Papillion-LV South, 3-1.

138--1. Blaine Miller, Omaha Burke, pinned Ray Hubbard, Omaha Central, 2:23; 3. Ryan Needham, Papillion-LV South, pinned Preston Rauner, Lincoln Southeast, 3:59.

145--1. Deon Davis, Omaha Central, pinned Trey Nielsen, Omaha Burke, :30; 3. Caleb Connor, Papillion-LV South, won by major dec. over Sam Maloley, Creighton Prep, 14-5.

152--1. Alex Irizarry, Papillion-LV South, dec. Deson Stapleton, Omaha Burke, 3-2; 3. Justin Davis, Omaha Central, pinned Angel Arcos, Creighton Prep, 3:24.

160--1. James Burks, Omaha Burke, pinned Brogan Zegers, Lincoln Southeast, 1:28; 3. Cade Schendt, Papillion-LV South, pinned Dominic Fate, Creighton Prep, 1:34.

170--1. Jaxon Kelley, Omaha Burke, pinned Adan Curiel, South Sioux City, 3:29; 3. Max McClatchey, Lincoln Southeast, pinned Ty Skidmore, Papillion-LV South, 3:48.

182--1. Trajen Linear, Papillion-LV South, pinned Xavier Vaughn, Creighton Prep, 3:07; 3. Branden Ballew, Omaha North, pinned Ka`Ron Davis, Omaha Central, 4:08.

195--1. Dillyn Miller, Omaha Burke, pinned Jacob Hilding, Omaha Central, 5:13; 3. Joey Glogowski, Creighton Prep, pinned Dyllon Bell, Lincoln Southeast, 3:53.

220--1. Luis Quezada, South Sioux City, pinned Tony Pray, Creighton Prep, 5:38; 3. Tyler Robinson,Papillion-LV South, pinned Maurilo Barrios, Omaha Benson, 2:24.

285--1. Jack Hasz, Creighton Prep, pinned Jacob Frezell-McClinton, Omaha Central, 2:48; 3. Deangelo Stapleton, Omaha Burke, pinned Jacob Ngeleka, South Sioux City, 2:39.


Columbus 237½-13, Papillion-La Vista 174-10, Omaha Bryan 100-5, Fremont 99-8, Omaha Westside 90½-5, Lincoln Northeast 88-5, Lincoln Southwest 78½-7, Elkhorn 39-3.

106--1. Caine Stenger, Columbus, dec. Ben Kroeger, Papillion-La Vista, 4-1; 3. Michael K. Colling, Omaha Westside, dec. Landan McLaughlin, Lincoln Southwest, 8-3.

113--1. Clay Cerny, Columbus, dec. Noor Salat, Omaha Bryan, 9-2; 3. Jordan Bobier, Papillion-LaVista, won by major dec. over Brody Wojtasek, Lincoln Southwest, 14-2.

120--1. Tanner Kobza, Columbus, dec. Ian Rudner, Papillion-La Vista, 7-1; 3. Jaxon Morrow, Lincoln Southwest, pinned Luke Follett, Fremont, :39.

126--1. Cody Niemiec, Papillion-La Vista, dec. Cody Carlson, Fremont, 10-3; 3. Ladamien Sturdivant, Omaha Bryan, won by major dec. over Levi Bloomquist, Columbus, 10-2.

132--1. Nolan Niemiec, Papillion-La Vista, dec. Carter Kucera, Columbus, 7-4; 3. Abdi Mohamed, Omaha Bryan, pinned Chase Charroin, Lincoln Southwest, 2:03.

138--1. Preston Mort, Lincoln Northeast, pinned Noah Molzahn, Fremont, 1:36; 3. Alex Korte, Columbus, 31-20, So. over Landon Roberts, Papillion-La Vista, 30-18, Jr., Fall 2:21,

145--1. Creighton Baughman, Papillion-La Vista, dec. Chayse Schaub, Lincoln Northeast, 4-3; 3. Tommy Wentz, Fremont, dec. Camdyn Iwan, Columbus, 9-8.

152--1. Cole Price, Papillion-La Vista, won by major dec. Jack Spahn, Lincoln Southwest, 9-1; 3. Cade Fullner, Columbus, pinned Hunter Robertson, Fremont, :51.

160--1. Avery McMeekin, Columbus, dec. Nolan Johnston, Omaha Westside, 4-3; 3. Ethan Carstens, Lincoln Southwest, dec. Konner Reincke, Papillion-La Vista, 5-4.

170--1. Blayze Standley, Columbus, won by med. fft over Cole D. Haberman, Omaha Westside, 4:22; 3. Riley Fox, Fremont, dec. Henry Lynch, Lincoln Southwest, 4-1.

182--1. Carson Zwingman, Columbus, pinned Carson Maas, Papillion-La Vista, 1:04; 3. Cedric Relford, Elkhorn, dec. Riley Chase, Lincoln Northeast, 10-4.

195--1. Anthony DeAnda, Columbus, dec. Anthony Stege, Lincoln Northeast, 6-1; 3. Evan Johnson, Elkhorn, dec. Garret Moser, Fremont, 4-2.

220--1. Jaylon Walker, Omaha Bryan, dec. Kasten Grape, Columbus, 8-2; 3. Trevin Escamilla, Fremont, pinned Quincy JG Hogan, Omaha Westside, 2:35.

285--1. Cade D. Haberman, Omaha Westside, pinned Tavion Samuel, Omaha Bryan, 3:19; 3. Peyton Spencer, Lincoln Northeast, pinned Beau Morgan, Elkhorn, 2:02.


Lincoln East 215.5-12, Grand Island 173.5-12, Kearney 165-10, Gretna 101-6, Lincoln Pius X 100-8, Millard West 80-4, Bellevue West 44.5-3, Omaha South 12-1.

106--1. Brandon Baustert, Lincoln East, dec. Juan Pedro, Grand Island, 4-3; 3. Archer Heelan, Kearney, dec. Evan Fuchs, Pius X, 12-0.

113--1. Blake Cushing, Grand Island, pinned Hunter Nagatani, Kearney, 3:23; 3. Nic Swift, Lincoln East, tech. fall Jacob Reiber, Pius X, 15-0.

120--1. Nathan Rizek, Lincoln East, won by forfeit over Wyatt May, Millard West; 3. Rylie Steele, Kearney, dec. Kael Kingery, Grand Island, 5-3.

126--1. Camden Russell, Millard West, dec. Gage Ferguson, Kearney, 8-2; 3. Brody Arrants, Grand Island, dec. Zane Faust, Pius X, 10-0.

132--1. Phillip Moomey, Kearney, pinned Breckin Sperling, Lincoln East, 1:47; 3. Kolby Lukasiewicz, Grand Island, dec. Ryan Mazour, Pius X, 2-0.

138--1. Maxx Mayfield, Lincoln East, pinned Gauge McBride, Kearney, 1:09; 3. Tyler Salpas, Grand Island, pinned Nick McCarthy, Pius X, 3:24.

145--1. Nick James, Kearney, dec. Levi May, Millard West, 12-0; 3. Cameron Cunningham, Gretna, dec. Izaiah Deras, Grand Island, 7-4.

152--1. Chance Fry, Lincoln East, pinned Ethan Valencia, Millard West, 1:15; 3. Colten Kowalek, Kearney, dec. Jacob Sheldon, Grand Island, 7-2.

160--1. Carter Abels, Kearney, dec. Jack McDonnell, Bellevue West, 10-6; 3. Alex Deras, Grand Island, pinned Edward Lankas, Lincoln East, 2:28.

170--1. Cole Huss, Gretna, dec. Grant Lyman, Lincoln East, 14-3; 3. Gus Franzen, Kearney, dec. Kale Dawson, Bellevue West, 7-5.

182--1. Andrew Muthersbaugh, Lincoln East, 7-0, dec. Oscar Richter, Grand Island, 3-2; 3. Jack Larchick, Gretna, pinned John Goeschel, Bellevue West, 1:27.

195--1. Daylon Keolavone, Grand Island, SV-1 over TJ Huber, Gretna, 8-6; 3. Noah Sprieck, Lincoln East, dec. Andrew Ellerbee, Pius X, 9-3.

220--1. Chris Karmazin, Lincoln East, dec. Jackson Arend, Gretna, 7-1; 3. Michael Cisneros, Pius X, dec. Mikey Vasquez, Omaha South, 6-1.

285--1. Ethan McPhillips, Grand Island, pinned Grant Gubbels, Pius X, 5:09; 3. Ge'Auvieon Crayton, Lincoln East, pinned Lucca Henkel, Gretna, 1:46.

ALSO FROM SATURDAY: Conference swimming and diving results for 2/9 .

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